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Have You Been Avoiding the Dentist? 3 Good Reasons to Call Today

Man at Dentist | Allentown PA Dentist

If you’re one of the millions of people who aren’t fans of dentistry, you can probably find many clever ways of avoiding the visit. You’re anxious, your busy, and your teeth feel fine; so what if it’s been over a year since your last appointment?

Your dentist in Allentown wants you to know why preventive treatments like dental exams and teeth cleanings are so critical and how they benefit your oral health.

The first mistake is thinking that your smile is healthy just because nothing hurts. Most dental problems don’t cause pain until they progress to the point where they threaten your oral health. What was an easily treatable condition becomes ...

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Save Money on Family Dentistry with Our In-House Dental Savings Plan!

Dental Finance Plan | Allentown PA

It’s essential for every member of your family to receive high-quality dental care. But for many patients, especially those without insurance, the cost of dentistry may seem out of reach.

At Evolve Dental Care, we believe that everyone deserves to have access to the same quality of care whether or not they have dental insurance. For our uninsured patients, we’re pleased to offer the convenience of an in-house dental savings plan at our Allentown, PA office.

What is a Dental Savings Plan?

Our dental savings plan is a way for your family to save money on the cost of oral health care. Under the plan, you will receive routine maintenance treatments at ...

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Have Dental Damage? We Have the Solution You Need!

Dental Emergency | Allentown PA

Healthy teeth are strong and durable. But time and wear take its toll, and even if you are proactive with your oral health, you may suffer dental damage at some point. You can chip a tooth biting down on a popcorn kernel, develop a cavity that needs to be filled or break a tooth during a soccer game.

We Fix Damaged Smiles

Whatever problem you experience, Evolve Dental Care offers expert tooth repair in Allentown that will restore your oral health and your beautiful smile.

Using advanced technology, updated techniques, and improved materials, we can resolve just about any issue you have including:

  • Dental decay
  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Dental trauma
  • Missing teeth

State-of-the-Art Solutions for Damaged ...

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How Much Tooth Brushing Is Too Much?

Your dentist and hygienist tell you to brush twice a day and floss once to maintain a clean, healthy smile. But what if you’re feeling ambitious and decide to brush more often. If brushing your teeth is a good thing, doing it more often can’t be bad, can it?

The American Dental Association states that you should brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day. Your dentist in Allentown wants you to know that this isn’t always a bad thing, but if you brush more than three times a day, you may be damaging your teeth without realizing it.

The Oral Health Effects of Brushing Too Often

Worn Dental Enamel

The outer layer ...

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Could a Better Smile Improve Your Chance of Career Success?

If you think that it’s a lot to ask of cosmetic dentistry to expect a life-altering change, you wouldn’t be alone. Many people still believe it’s pure vanity to invest in aesthetic dental treatments.

But if you look back at the last time you hid your smile during a critical interaction; poor aesthetics already hurt your self-esteem. And if you could engage openly with others, wouldn’t your life be even a little bit more enjoyable?  

Let's take a look at how cosmetic dentistry in Allentown, PA can help you.

You Deserve to Yourself to Look Your Best

Millions of people have taken advantage of cosmetic dentistry and enjoy the dramatic impact that even a ...

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3 Ways Your Family Dentist Helps Support Your Oral Health Goals

Having a family dentist you know and trust can go a long way toward helping you maintain excellent oral health. This sounds obvious because if you get a toothache or your child has a dental emergency, you know exactly where to turn.

While your family dentist in Allentown is more than happy to help you with any problem that arises, their goal is to provide the support you need to avoid these situations from happening in the first place. 

#1: Preventive Visits

Yes, you need to visit the dentist for routine dental exams and professional cleanings even when you aren’t having any immediate problems. In fact, this is the optimal time because preventing ...

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Helpful Tips for Setting Your Children on the Path to Oral Health

Do you have dental anxiety? Is it due to a negative experience you had with a dentist when you were a child? There are millions of adults today who avoid dental visits for this reason, which results in poorer oral health over time. 

This situation is not only unfortunate, but it is also unnecessary. Most dentists today who see kids do so because they enjoy interacting with and treating them. With a team effort between you and your dental professionals, there’s no reason your child can’t enjoy a positive, stress-free experience.

Choose a Pediatric Dentist

Choosing a pediatric dentist in Allentown offers the benefit of providing your child with a long-term dental home ...

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