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5 Advantages of Modern Dentures

February 23, 2017
Posted By: Evolve Dental Care
Modern Dentures in Allentown PA

Today’s modern dentures have come a long way from the square, uniform-looking dentures of years past. They look more natural than ever and are more comfortable for wearers, thanks to modern dental technology.

Still the most popular replacement for missing teeth, dentures can restore your smile and your ability to chew properly. If you want to learn more about replacing your missing teeth with dentures, call your Allentown, PA dentist Dr. Amir Mojahed.

Advantages of Today’s Modern Dentures

There are several advantages to having dentures. Although there are a few cons as well, most of those are temporary. For most dentures wearers, the pros far outweigh the cons:

  1. Today’s modern dentures make eating easier. Well-fitted dentures stay in place better than ever before, so most denture wearers have no problem eating most of their favorite foods.
  2. Speaking clearly is easier with dentures. If you have missing teeth, speaking can be a problem. With dentures, once you adjust to them, you should be able to speak with no issues at all.
  3. The look of your smile is improved. If you are already suffering from tooth loss, you might feel self-conscious about your smile already. With dentures, you will have a beautiful, straight white smile.
  4. You might have a more youthful appearance as properly fitted dentures will help support the muscles in your face, even smoothing out some wrinkles.
  5. Modern dentures made today look closer than ever to natural teeth, so most people will have no idea you are even wearing dentures.

Disadvantages to Dentures

The cons to wearing dentures do exist, but for most denture-wearers, they are temporary. There is an adjustment period before you will feel comfortable wearing your dentures for eating and speaking.

They will also need to be adjusted after your gums heal, so it may take several trips to the dentist before they feel secure and comfortable.

They will require some special care as well because they are fragile.

Ask Dr. Amir Mojahed about Dentures

If you are considering dentures, talk to us at our Allentown, PA dental office. Give us a call today!


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