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How Does Nitrous Oxide Work?

May 29, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Amir Mojahed
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Most routine dental appointments are just that—routine.  The hygienist will clean get rid of any plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth, followed by a gentle polishing to remove surface stains from teeth. Then it’s time for a quick but thorough flossing and a look at everything by the dentist. If you get a thumbs up, you make another appointment for six months from then, grab your free toothbrush and floss, and you’re on your way.

But what if your appointment isn’t routine? If you have a lengthy procedure coming up, you might want nitrous oxide. Also called “laughing gas,” this common method for providing sedation dentistry in Allentown is perfectly safe. But how does it work exactly?

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Breathed in the same way oxygen is—through a mask—this colorless and odorless gas relaxes patients. N20’s effects are instant, so you will feel euphoric almost the moment you start breathing it in. Its effects end just as quickly, so it is a safe sedation option you can use if you are driving yourself to and from your appointment.

Are There Side Effects with Nitrous Oxide?

One of the benefits of nitrous oxide is that it comes with few side effects, with very few patients reporting any. If the nitrous level is too high or if it is inhaled too quickly, in rare cases, patients might experience headaches, shivering, perspiration, and nausea.

Because of the possibility of developing nausea as a result of using nitrous, it’s usually recommended that eat only lightly before they use nitrous—and wait at least three hours afterward before indulging in a large meal.

Can Children Use Nitrous Oxide?

Yes! In fact, it is the preferred sedation option for kids who are anxious about being at the dentist or who might have to sit still for a lengthy procedure.

Sedation Dentistry at our Allentown Office

If you are anxious about an upcoming dentist appointment, give us a call to learn more about nitrous oxide.

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