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Is Your Child at Risk for Baby-Bottle Tooth Decay?

February 14, 2020
Posted By: Evolve Dental Care

Having a baby is an exciting and thrilling event, and in the early days, your infant’s oral health is probably not your biggest concern. But it’s never too early for you to start thinking about how their habits now will affect their long-term oral health.

When you’re looking for guidance in this area, turn to your children’s dentist in Allentown, PA, who is happy to answer your questions and provide reassurance. One question that we frequently hear from parents is what effect bottle-feeding has on the baby's oral health.

The decision to breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby is extremely personal. Bottle-feeding creates oral health concerns if you don’t follow certain steps, and while breastfeeding tends to reduce your child’s risk for cavities, it does not make him or her immune to tooth decay. 

What Is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

If you choose to bottle-feed, be aware of issues like baby bottle tooth decay. Cavities don’t automatically follow bottle-feeding unless you routinely put your child to bed with a bottle filled with milk, formula, or juice. Since the sugar in them lingers in your baby’s mouth, it converts to acid that causes tooth decay.

Tips for Avoiding Baby-Bottle Tooth Decay

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you stop bottle-feeding your baby around age one, but no later than 18 months. If you do bottle-feed your baby, keep these rules in mind:

  • Don’t use a bottle filled with sugary liquids as a pacifier.
  • Make sure your child has their last bottle before they go to sleep.
  • If you have to put your baby down with a bottle, fill it with water.

Call Your Children’s Dentist in Allentown, PA

There’s a steep learning curve for all new parents, and at Evolve Dental Care, we are more than happy to provide all the guidance and support you need. Our Allentown, PA children’s dentists will provide routine dental examinations and teeth cleanings as your little one grows and offer the education and information you need to make healthy choices for your little one. 

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