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5 Tips for Self-Care After a Tooth Extraction

May 18, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Sunny Mojahed
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Although always a treatment of last resort, sometimes dental extractions in Allentown are necessary. Knowing how to take care of yourself afterward can give you a better chance of having a quick and comfortable recovery.

Tips for Tooth Extraction Aftercare

#1—Protect the Clot

Immediately after the procedure, your dentist in Allentown, PA will give you a pack to bite on. This will put pressure on the wound and help a clot to form. The clot will protect the bone while the area heals. It’s vital that you do not disturb this clot in the days following your procedure.

#2—Keep Your Mouth Clean

It’s important to keep your mouth clean after your procedure, so brush your teeth carefully around the extraction site. Gently rinse with plain water.

#3—Get Plenty of Rest

Rest is crucial for the body to heal properly, so don’t engage in exercise or any other vigorous activities right after the procedure. Wait at least three or four days before you return to your regular gym routine.

#4—Eat Soft, Nourishing Foods

Stick to liquids or soft foods such as yogurt, soup, pudding, milkshakes, and so forth. Avoid any foods that have small particles that can get stuck in the extraction site. You can slowly progress to solid foods as the extraction site continues to heal. Don’t drink anything through a straw because this can dislodge the clot that is forming, leaving you with a painful condition known as “dry socket.”

#5—Treat Pain and Swelling

If you have any pain after the dental extraction procedure, you can use over-the-counter pain relievers or any medication as prescribed by your dentist. Treat swelling by gently placing an ice pack on your cheek near the affected area.

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Be sure to ask your Allentown dentist for an aftercare sheet with additional instructions for dealing with dental extractions. If you have any problems after your procedure, be sure to give Evolve Dental Care a  phone call!

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