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Extractions as an Emergency Dental Service

April 15, 2020
Posted By: Evolve Dental Care

If you injure your tooth in an accident or have an untreated infection or decay—you might experience extreme pain and tenderness.

Dental pain can impact your sleep, how you eat, or even your ability to have a moment of peace. When over-the-counter pain relief does nothing, it's time to let your local emergency dentists step in. Once we can assess the situation, we'll be able to provide pain relief and make you comfortable.

At Evolve Dental Care, we work as hard as we can to offer our patients the dental care they need as quickly as possible so they can feel pain relief. Dental extractions and other emergency dental procedures can provide comfort and excellent oral health. If you are in Allentown, PA, and need emergency dental services, call our emergency dentists today!

When a Dental Extraction Is Necessary

There are various reasons why a tooth may need to be removed. A dental emergency scenario might include severe infection, teeth shifting that compromises the health of adjacent teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, or extensively damaged teeth. We believe in informing patients regarding every situation so they can be well-informed and prepared.  

Emergency Dental Extraction Situations

Impacted wisdom teeth—Impacted wisdom teeth are a very common reason patients may need to see us. Wisdom teeth are the last molars to grow in, and sometimes there may not be enough room to emerge. When there is overcrowding, the teeth may not break the gumline and remain trapped below and become impacted. This condition is typically excruciating and can cause damage to neighboring teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth can quickly become a dental emergency that needs a dental extraction.

Infection—When tooth decay is left untreated, it can eat away towards the pulp or center of the tooth. Your Allentown dentists will do everything in their power to save your tooth, including recommending a root canal. If the infection is too advanced, it may be necessary to extract it to save your existing teeth.

Tooth injury—Our teeth can withstand a lot of pressure, and small breaks and cracks can be fixed with cosmetic dental procedures like dental bonding or porcelain veneers. If, however, a crack extends below the gum line, we may not be able to save and may require removing it.  

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