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Could Probiotics Assist in Your Oral Health Efforts?

February 14, 2018
Posted By: Evolve Dental Care, LLC
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A lot of people take probiotics for their digestive health, but now it looks like probiotics might benefit your oral health as well. Although the FDA hasn’t approved the use of probiotics for oral health, there have been several studies that point toward probiotics might contribute to a healthy mouth.

If you have specific questions about using probiotics to assist in your oral health efforts, be sure to ask your Allentown, PA dentists at Evolve Dental Care.

How Probiotics May Help Your Oral Health

They can help prevent plaque buildup.

Everyone has bacteria in their mouths. Some of these bacteria contribute to the formation of plaque. One study showed that a strain known as A12 helped to prevent a cavity-causing strain of bacteria from growing plaque.

They can help fight bad breath.

One of the underlying causes of bad breath is the bacteria that lurk in your mouth or gut. In one study, people used mouthwash with either a placebo or probiotic supplement for three days. The majority of the participants who took the probiotic had a reduction in the bacteria that can cause bad breath.

They can help reduce the inflammation of gum disease.

Researchers have discovered that there might be a connection between probiotics and gum inflammation. In one study, participants who drank probiotic milk had less oral inflammation. Another study found that probiotics helped reduce the swelling of gingivitis.

They might help prevent oral cancer.

More research needs to be done, but one study found that with probiotics, the incidence of oral cancer in rats was reduced.

What Else You Should Know About Probiotics

Of course, before you take any medication or supplement, you should confer with your family doctor. Although probiotics are safe and provide benefits for most people, some people who are immunocompromised should not take them.

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