Full & Partial Dentures in Allentown, PA

Have you considered natural-looking dentures in Allentown, PA?

Your smile can light up a room, drawing people to you, and giving you a sense of confidence. Your smile is your first impression.

On the other hand, missing teeth can make you look and feel older, making it awkward and often embarrassing to interact with others.

Fortunately, modern gum disease treatments and access to fluoridated water allow people to keep their original teeth a lot longer. If you’ve taken proper care of your teeth throughout your lifetime, you may never need dentures, but what happens if you do? You’ll have a lot to think about: What type of dentures should you get? How are you going to feel with dentures? Will your new dentures look fake and unnatural? Would dental implants be a better choice? 

The professional team at Evolve Dental Care is committed to helping you achieve a whole and healthy-looking smile. If missing teeth are a problem for you, your dentist in Allentown, PA offers many options, and dentures are one of the most popular and affordable.

If you’re ready to schedule a denture exam and conversation with one of our top dentist, or if you have questions, contact a member of our dental team today.

And continue reading to learn more about our modern dentures, tooth-replacement options, and commitment to patient care.

grandparents reading with small child l dentures allentownWhat is the process for dentures in Allentown?

If you have tooth loss, we want to help you restore your smile and your confidence. A full smile also contributes to better oral health because it prevents your remaining teeth from shifting toward smile gaps. And a complete smile supports your ability to chew, contributing to a well-rounded and healthier diet.

If you’re considering dentures in Allentown, make an appointment with one of our dentists. During this exam, your dentist will ask questions and make sure that dental implants are a viable solution to your tooth loss.

If everything checks out, we take impressions of your smile and use the resulting model to create custom dentures just for you. Your dentist will make final adjustments, making sure your denture fits and functions as it should.

Will my dentures look natural?

Dr. Amir and Dr. Sunny take pride in designing dentures for our Allentown, PA patients that enhance and complement your smile, not detract from it. We can customize the shade of the base to match your natural gum color. Each artificial tooth will be placed individually and mimic all the variations in color, shape, and positioning of your own teeth.

Our patients appreciate being part of the denture planning process because together, we can ensure that the beautiful results meet and exceed your expectations.

What type of denture is right for me?

  • Full Dentures: When you lose all your teeth in your upper arch, lower arch, or both, our Allentown, PA dentists recommend full or complete dentures. These dentures are removable, but we customize them to fit the contours of your jaw perfectly, forming a comfortable, secure seal.
  • Partial Dentures: Are you missing only a few teeth in different areas of your mouth? We design partial dentures that fit around existing teeth to complete your smile.
  • Implant Dentures: Securing your full or partial dentures to your jaw with dental implants stabilizes them, so you know they’ll stay in place. You won’t have to worry that your dentures will slip or move and cause awkward moments with friends or family. Typically, you can secure a full denture with fewer than seven dental implants.

Is a partial denture similar to a dental bridge?

A dental bridge and a partial denture both take over for missing teeth, but there are differences. For example, a dental bridge is an affixed appliance, secured to adjacent teeth with tooth crowns. The restoring teeth fill in where teeth are missing. You clean your bridge with a floss threader and a small cleaning brush.

A partial denture is removable and held in place with clips and the support of healthy teeth. You clean your partial denture with a denture bath, denture brush, and denture paste.

A dental bridge may be the better choice if you are missing one or two teeth in the same area. Likewise, a partial denture is a custom restoration, and we place restoring teeth throughout the restoration to correspond with your unique and sporadic tooth loss.

close up of partial dentures l allentown dentistWhat if I can't wear dentures?

Most of our patients are good candidates for dentures. However, if you have significant bone loss or another oral health issue that prevents you from wearing dentures, your Allentown dentist offers a variety of tooth replacement options. We will also work hard on your behalf to bring you into candidacy for tooth replacement.

Our tooth replacement options in Allentown include:

  • Dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Implant-supported dentures
  • A dental bridge
  • Dental implants

If you have been unable to wear dentures in the past, or if you are looking to upgrade to a more modern denture, we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our dentists. Denture fit, look, and function has come a long way in recent years!

Will my new dentures fit securely?

If you have older dentures that don’t fit well, you’ll appreciate the security of modern dentures that we customize for your unique smile. In terms of stability, full upper dentures are more secure because they cover more surface area. Patients usually find that lower dentures are less stable because they cover less surface area.

Additionally, without the stimulation of tooth roots, your jaw deteriorates over time, which leads to a looser denture. In some cases, dental adhesives are sufficient to secure your denture. If you find that you’re applying adhesives too often, or visiting your dentist continually for relines, it may be time for a new denture.

Your dentures will last for many years, so Dr. Amir and Dr. Sunny want you to feel comfortable and confident wearing them. If you like the idea of knowing your dentures will stay in place, we’ll be happy to talk to you about securing them to your jaw with dental implants.

young couple eating at bar l best dentist allentownHow do I care for my new dentures?

Your dentist or a member of our dental team provides all aftercare instruction. However, dentures require daily denture baths to keep them free of bacteria. You should also clean your dentures with a denture paste and denture brush. Toothpaste can scratch your denture and open it up to bacteria accumulation.

You should also bring your denture to all dental appointments, so your dentist can check it for fit and/or cracks.

Remember, a denture or partial denture will not protect you from gum disease. For this reason, it is critical to keep up with regular dental visits—just as you did before dentures—and keep your restoration clean.

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