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“The staff at Evolve Dental Care are very friendly and welcoming the moment you walk in the door. At my last appointment I arrived 15 minutes early and they got me right in. They have been on schedule since my first appointment there and don't keep you waiting. During my appointment, the staff made friendly conversation.” - Jamie M

How can you keep me comfortable during my root canal?

At Evolve Dental Care, we know that root canals have a poor reputation that’s largely unwarranted. It’s the 21st century, and technology, techniques, and dental sedation all contribute to a root canal procedure at our Allentown, PA dental office that’s actually pretty uneventful.

How we Work to Improve Your Comfort

Even so, we recognize that you might still be apprehensive about getting a root canal. Our dentists respect and understand your feelings, and your comfort is our priority. Here are a few ways we streamline your root canal procedure and improve your comfort:

  • Technology for efficient treatment: We have invested in updated technology like digital x-rays that show our dentists the precise location of your tooth infection so they can plan an efficient procedure.
  • Gentle sedation with nitrous oxide: Many of our anxious patients have benefited from our gentle nitrous oxide sedation that takes the edge off their anxiety and helps them have a comfortable experience.
  • Stress-reducing amenities: Our amazing dental team will do everything to support you, and we offer amenities like music and TV in our treatment rooms and blankets to improve your comfort.

Contact us to Schedule an Appointment

If you have an infected tooth or dental abscess and think you need root canal treatment in Allentown, PA, please call our office to schedule an appointment. We’ll provide the care you need to restore your oral health and protect your smile.

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