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Why is it important to have a root canal?

The team at Evolve Dental Care understands that nobody likes to think about, much less wants, root canal treatment. But getting a root canal in a timely manner is essential, because the procedure is a last-resort attempt to save your tooth.

It means that our Allentown, PA dentists have done everything they can to preserve the tooth, and the only way we can save it is with root canal treatment.

What is a Root Canal?

The root canal is located deep inside your tooth. It contains pulp, tissue and nerves that keep your tooth alive. Normally, it is protected from damage by tooth enamel and dentin. 

But if your tooth gets a cavity and we don’t treat it, the decay will continue to eat away at the tooth until it extends int the root canal. Once it has penetrated this part of your tooth, we must perform a root canal at our Allentown, PA dental office, or you will lose the tooth.

Anyone who has experienced the pain of an infected tooth knows it can be excruciating, and the only way to put an end to the pain is with root canal treatment. Even if you could somehow withstand the discomfort, the infection would continue to spread, and you would eventually lose the tooth anyway.

Root Canal Treatments in Allentown, PA

Obviously, having a root canal as soon as possible is the only sensible choice. If you’ve put off having root canal treatment because you’re worried that it will be uncomfortable, please contact our Allentown, PA dental office. We will be happy to tell you about our stress-free root canal that allows you to easily get the treatment you need to save your tooth.

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