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My old filling is chipping. What can you do to help?

dental filling allentown pa | dentist allentownIn this case, a dental crown may be your best option for restoring the tooth. It’s natural for older fillings to start to deteriorate, weakening the tooth. If steps aren’t taken to strengthen the tooth with some type of restoration, it may become more damaged and possibly even fracture.

Can a chipped filling be repaired?

Porcelain crowns placed at Evolve Dental Care are durable and beautiful. We’ll create your new crown out of a ceramic material that looks similar to your natural dental enamel. The result is a restoration that blends in perfectly with surrounding teeth.

Placing a crown from start to finish usually requires two to three visits. At your first visit, we’ll begin by preparing the tooth so that your new crown fits perfectly. Next, we’ll take impressions of the prepared tooth. The impressions are used to create a model that’s sent to our dental lab where your new crown is constructed. Using the same impression, we also create a temporary crown.

About two weeks later, you’ll return to our office for your new crown. We’ll check the crown carefully for fit and make any necessary adjustments. Finally, the crown will be polished and cemented securely to your natural tooth.

If you’re worried about fillings that are failing, please call our Allentown dental office. We’ll be happy to set up a consultation so we can make appropriate recommendations.

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