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What is the difference between a dental filling and a root canal?

Dental fillings and root canals performed at our Allentown, PA dental office are both essential procedures we need to perform to keep your smile healthy. While both types of treatment restore your oral health, each of them has a different purpose.older woman with glasses smiling l allentown dentist

What Happens If I Get A Cavity?

When you get a cavity, our experienced dentists need to remove tooth decay so that it doesn't spread and repair the tooth with a composite dental filling. Our tooth-colored composite fillings are customized to match the shade of your teeth and blend beautifully with your smile. 

If our dentists don’t fill the cavity as soon as possible, the cavity continues to spread until it extends into the innermost part of your tooth called the pulp chamber. Dental pulp carries the nerves and blood vessels that keep it alive, and most people experience intense pain when this occurs.

A Root Canal Might Be Necessary

At this point, a filling won’t be enough to save the tooth. Instead, Dr. Amir or Dr. Sunny needs to perform a root canal to remove the infected pulp and provide relief. Without a root canal procedure, the tooth will die and eventually need to be removed.

Call Your Allentown Dentist

If you have a throbbing toothache and think you might need a root canal, call our Allentown, PA dentists. They will arrange to see you as soon as possible, usually the same day if you’re in pain.

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