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“The staff at Evolve Dental Care are very friendly and welcoming the moment you walk in the door. At my last appointment I arrived 15 minutes early and they got me right in. They have been on schedule since my first appointment there and don't keep you waiting. During my appointment, the staff made friendly conversation.” - Jamie M

I Have Some Dental Anxiety. What Can I Do?

Have you ever been to a dentist who rushed you through your appointment and didn’t have time for your concerns? At Evolve Dental Care, we make your needs a priority every time you visit. You can be confident you’ll receive the same gentle, kind dental treatment we would want for our families.

Our Team Can Help With A Calm Environment

During your dental appointments at our Allentown practice, Dr. Amir, Dr. Sunny, and our team place their focus on you. You deserve to feel confident when you make a decision about your oral health, and our caring team takes all the time you need to focus on you and your concerns.

If you have dental anxiety or feel anxious about a certain procedure or appointment, please let our dental team know so we can help you. We provide nitrous oxide as an option for anxious patients to help ease their nervousness. Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas and it’s only a mild sedative, so there’s no need to have someone drive you to and from the appointment.

You are not alone with your dental anxiety, and it doesn’t have to make your dental visits a negative experience. We’ll strive to make every visit pleasant! 

Discover Sedation Dentistry in Allentown, PA

We are proud to be an Allentown dentist who helps people with dental anxiety. If you or your loved one experiences dental anxiety when visiting the dentist, reach out today to schedule your dental appointment. 

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