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What are implant-assisted dentures?

Implant-assisted dentures solve the well-known problem of unstable dentures that slip, shift, and even fall out unexpectedly. They take the best features of full and partial removable dentures – restored appearance and functionality – and combine them with the stability of dental implants that are rooted in your jaw bone.

Here’s how it works.

Once you and Dr. Amir or Dr. Sunny determine whether a full or partial denture is right for you, the first step is to have one or more implants placed surgically in your jaw bone in the area of the missing tooth or teeth. The implants will be left to heal for several months so they can fuse securely with surrounding bone and tissue.

While your implants heal, we’ll work with you to design a full or partial denture that complements your unique facial shape and skin and eye coloring. The dentures will also be designed with attachments that snap onto the implants that have healed in your jaw.

The result is a full or partial denture that fit and function every bit as well as natural teeth. The denture remains stable and won’t shift or moveSmiling dental patients Allentown PA causing embarrassing moments.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures 

Patients who have had implant-assisted dentures placed at our Allentown, PA dental office have discovered the confidence and freedom that comes with knowing they can laugh, eat, and speak without worry.

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