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“The staff at Evolve Dental Care are very friendly and welcoming the moment you walk in the door. At my last appointment I arrived 15 minutes early and they got me right in. They have been on schedule since my first appointment there and don't keep you waiting. During my appointment, the staff made friendly conversation.” - Jamie M

What happens at my child’s first dental exam?

At Evolve Dental Care, we like to schedule a child’s first dental exam at our Allentown, PA dental office by age three, because this is typically when all their baby teeth have emerged.

Baby teeth may be temporary, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re unimportant. They play a significant role in your child’s future oral health development, so we need to keep them healthy until permanent teeth are ready to take their place at about age six or seven. child at dentist in allentown pa

A child’s first dental visit may include an examination where our dentists look in their mouths and check their teeth, gums, jaws, and bite. Since baby teeth fall out, we don’t usually take x-rays, unless we suspect your child has a cavity or other underlying problem.

Healthy Teeth for Kids in 18103

Our Allentown, PA children’s dentists will review brushing and flossing techniques with you to ensure that your little one’s teeth are getting as clean as they need to be. Your child won’t be able to handle a toothbrush by themselves until they’re about six years old, so you will need to help and monitor their efforts until then.

We also provide parents with support and guidance in areas like nutrition, thumb-sucking habits, and bottle-feeding. Depending on how your child responds to this new experience, we may also perform a gentle cleaning to remove plaque and tartar and polish their teeth.

If it’s your child’s first experience with a dentist, don’t worry; we will devote as much time as needed to help them feel safe and secure with our team and the new surroundings.

Children's Dentist in Allentown, PA

Please call our Allentown, PA dental office to schedule your child’s first dental exam. We look forward to welcoming them!

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