Teeth Whitening in Allentown, PA

Teeth Whitening in Allentown, PA | Cosmetic Dentistry EmmausProfessional teeth whitening is one of the easiest and most effective procedures for producing a noticeable smile transformation. It is the cosmetic treatment most requested by patients at our Allentown dental office simply because it provides such dramatic results in a short period of time.

Regardless of how well you take care of your teeth, it’s inevitable that they will stain and discolor over time. Aging is a contributing factor, as are oral hygiene and substances like coffee and tobacco that stain your teeth. At Evolve Dental Care, we offer teeth whitening treatments that can be performed here in our office or used in the form of a professional take-home whitening kit.

Popular Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Most of our patients prefer using a take-home whitening kit because of its convenience. You don’t need to take time out of your day to visit our office, and you have control over when you do your whitening and how white your teeth get.

Our take-home kits include professional strength whitening gel, along with a customized whitening tray made using impressions of your teeth. This tray fits your teeth perfectly and allows the whitening gel to come into direct contact with all surfaces of your teeth for the most consistent whitening.

Use the trays for about 20 to 30 minutes every day for two weeks. At the end of this time, you’ll see noticeable results, but the advantage of using this system is that you can stop using it as soon as your teeth are as white as you’d like them to be. The kit is also perfect for touch-ups when you feel your teeth could use a little brightening.

In-Office Whitening

Allentown Teeth Whitening | Cosmetic Dentistry AllentownAnother option we offer is chairside whitening at our Allentown office. We can finish the procedure in less than an hour, making it a great choice if you need to see quick results for a special event or important business meeting. You may experience some sensitivity after an in-office treatment, but it usually subsides quickly.

As part of every in-office teeth whitening procedure, we’ll send you home with a customized tray and whitening gel. Using your personalized kit, you can easily keep up with the beautiful results by performing occasional touch-ups at home.

We highly recommend a professional dental cleaning before we perform either type of teeth whitening procedure. When you start with teeth that are really clean and free of plaque, you’ll see noticeable, consistent results that last.

Please Call Our Allentown Office

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. A sparkling, white smile attracts people to you, but more importantly, helps you feel good about yourself and the way you look.

If you’re interested in a long-lasting professional teeth whitening treatment, please call Evolve Dental Care. We’ll arrange an appointment for your professional cleaning and talk to you about the ways teeth whitening can benefit your beautiful smile.