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What’s the difference between a tooth-colored filling and a dental crown?

Dental Filling | Emmaus PAWe refer to fillings and dental crowns in Allentown, PA as restorations because they “restore” the health, beauty, and function of a damaged tooth. With the durable materials available today, both porcelain dental crowns and tooth-colored fillings will protect and strengthen the tooth. But there are situations where one is preferable to the other.

The main difference between a dental crown and a tooth-colored filling is the extent of damage they can adequately address. Dental fillings are an excellent solution in many cases, but they have their limitations.

When to Use a Crown vs a Filling

For example, we can use a filling to repair a cavity, but if damage has compromised too much of the tooth structure, it wouldn’t be enough to protect it. In this case, our dentists would recommend a porcelain dental crown.

Another situation where we might recommend a dental crown instead of a filling is after root canal therapy. Removing the infection from inside a tooth makes it brittle and weak, and our dentists would recommend a durable porcelain crown to protect it and restore function.

Dental Crowns and Fillings in Allentown, PA

At Evolve Dental Care, we want you to know that you have options. But in many cases that involve a damaged tooth, a porcelain dental crown in Allentown is the best possible choice.

Please call us to learn how a porcelain crown might benefit you.

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