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What’s the best way to care for my dental implant?

Older Couple | Dental Implants Allentown PAA dental implant has two main parts – the post that’s placed surgically in your jaw and the restoration that is visible when you smile. When replacing a single tooth, our doctors recommend a crown to restore function and aesthetics. For multiple teeth, we would help you choose either a bridge or full or partial denture.

Protecting your implant is a priority and must include a commitment on your part to excellent oral hygiene and preventive visits as recommended by our doctors. The longevity of your implant depends on healthy gums, so you must commit to keeping them disease free. If you do, your implant could last a lifetime.

Dental Crown Replacement in 18103

You also need to keep your restoration in good condition. A dental crown, for example, will need to be replaced at some point but can last ten years or longer if you care for it properly. Routine visits with our doctors allow them to check your restoration to make sure it’s in good shape and make sure you get the most longevity out of it.

If you’re considering dental implant restoration in Allentown, please call Evolve Dental Care to arrange a consultation with Dr. Amir or Dr. Sunny.

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