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My crown keeps falling off. What's going on?

Couple | Dental Crowns Allentown PAWhen you invest in a dental crown to protect damaged teeth, the hope is that it will do its job for ten years or longer. So if the restoration is continually popping off your tooth, one of several things might be happening.

A crown may come loose because it's been placed on a tooth that doesn’t have enough structure to stabilize it. In some cases, we can perform additional treatments to build up the tooth and provide enough structure to support a dental crown successfully.

In the case of an older crown, it could be that decay in the tooth beneath it has compromised the seal of cement that secures the restoration to the tooth. If the tooth is beyond repair, however, we will recommend extraction and replacement with a dental implant or bridge.

If your crown comes off, try to place it back on the tooth and call us to make an appointment. Just remember that this is a temporary fix as the crown's likely to come off again, and the last thing you want is to accidentally swallow it!

Keep Dental Crowns in Place

The best way to keep dental crowns in Allentown, PA intact and secure is to schedule exams and cleanings every six months at Evolve Dentistry. During these appointments, we’ll check all your restoration to make sure they’re secure and in good shape. 

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