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Liquid Sugar: The Problem with Soft Drinks

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Many of us consume more sugar than we realize. Of course, you know that excess sugar in your diet can lead to poor dental health. But it is also important to remember the effect that excess sugar can have on your overall health, causing problems like obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.How Much Sugar?Having a soft drink now and then is not going to hurt you. But knowing exactly how much sugar you are consuming with each drink can help you curb your desire to grab a second!Here are a few of the most popular soft drinks and their sugar content:Red Bull – 6.9 teaspoons of sugarCoca-Cola – 8.25 teaspoons of ...

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Healthier Teeth and More Durable Fillings: What the Future Holds

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A new extract in pine bark has been discovered that might strengthen composite resin fillings to make them last even longer. A study has shown that the extract alters the chemical structure of teeth and makes the fillings bind better.In the future, if you find yourself needing a filling from your Allentown dentist, you might be able to get a filling that lasts longer than ever! Let’s take a look at more details from the study and how this might impact the future of fillings.A Look at Fillings of the PastBefore composite fillings were available, amalgam fillings were used when teeth were decayed. Although these metal-based fillings were effective, ...

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Bridges and Partials and Implants, Oh My!

Dental Bridges and Dental Implants in Allentown PA
Don’t worry, this isn’t a dentist’s version of the “Wizard of Oz”, but deciding what kind of dental work may be the best for you if you have missing teeth can be a bit, well…. daunting?In this article, we’ll give you the basic information you’ll need to have an informed conversation with your dentist about whether a bridge, partial denture or implant is the right treatment for you.Dental BridgesA “traditional” dental bridge has much in common with a simple wooden bridge. Both span a gap. A wooden bridge may span a gap over a river, valley, etc. In the case of a dental bridge, the gap that is spanned is ...

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Invisalign Orthodontics

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A teenager with a silvery metal smile might likely cross your mind if we asked you to imagine what a person with “braces” might look like. You’d be right. That’s the typical stereotype.Up until the last two decades, “braces” or full orthodontic treatment for patients was achieved by shaping and gluing metal bands around the teeth like large barrel hoops. Wires were then attached to the bands and bent in very precise ways to move the teeth into their correct alignments in the jaw over a period of one to two years. When you smiled during treatment you showed that typical big metallic smile.Teenagers were the typical patients and these ...

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Patient/Dentist Communication

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Gail just got back last week from the dentist and was happy to find out she could replace her missing tooth with a dental implant. Her dentist told her it would be 3-6 months to get the final porcelain-fused metal crown and three to four appointments including gingival augmentation surgeries, a healing ca, and fabrication of a provisional restoration.She ran into her friend Bill and chatted about the new implant she was going to get. Bill said he had an immediacy “Same Day” implant and only one surgery.Gail wondered why her friend Bill only had one appointment, (or was it two?) and she thought; “Why didn’t my dentist tell ...

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Root Canal Final Restoration -- Do I need a crown?

Dental Crowns in Allentown PA
You just had a root canal procedure done. It wasn’t that bad, was it? But now what happens? What kind of root canal final restorations best for me? Do I need a filling? Do I need a crown?You’ve done the right thing for your tooth and yourself by not having it extracted. Replacing your extracted tooth later would involve a lot more time, pain, effort and expense!Replacement would require either a dental implant or dental bridge at the very least; more expensive, more time-consuming.Having a root canal (dentists call it endodontic treatment) saves you time and money over the long haul. But now that you have completed the root canal ...

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5 Advantages of Modern Dentures

Modern Dentures in Allentown PA
Today’s modern dentures have come a long way from the square, uniform-looking dentures of years past. They look more natural than ever and are more comfortable for wearers, thanks to modern dental technology.Still the most popular replacement for missing teeth, dentures can restore your smile and your ability to chew properly. If you want to learn more about replacing your missing teeth with dentures, call your Allentown, PA dentist Dr. Amir Mojahed.Advantages of Today’s Modern DenturesThere are several advantages to having dentures. Although there are a few cons as well, most of those are temporary. For most dentures wearers, the pros far outweigh the cons:Today’s modern dentures make eating easier. ...

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